Costa del Sol, Spain’s Sunshine Coast

The Coast of the Sun, or “the Sun Coast,” is a region located in southern Spain.

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Common references to “sunny Spain” or “southern Spain” in popular media are usually referring to the Costa del Sol, which is world-renowned as a tourist destination – one that offers a unique blend of luxury and affordability. It lies within Andalusia, an autonomous community located within the province of Malaga.

A strong tourist destination, Malaga has long boasted something for everyone’s to-do list; the coastal towns that make up Andalusia play host to a variety of popular resorts, which see millions of visitors each year.

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Heading: A Wealth of History and Culture Malaga itself was once home to the ancient Romans, and was considered at the time to be a central point of luxury and sophistication in the Iberian peninsula.

It was a great crossroads for commerce, as well as being the home of a variety of prominently positioned Roman citizens – then, as now, it saw a confluence of vacation homes.

While the names of most of these individuals would not be known today, the ruins of their palatial estates are among some of the historical attractions that make the scenery in the Costa del Sol so compelling.

After the Romans, the Muslim Moors would play a large part in shaping the culture of Malaga.

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